Abrasion testing machine


M-2000A type wear testing machine

This testing machine can do all kinds of metal materials, non-metallic materials and oil products such as sliding friction, rolling friction, rolling sliding composite friction and intermittent and other conditions of friction resistance test, used to evaluate the friction mechanism of materials and determine the friction coefficient of materials. The cover machine adopts a computer control system, which can display the test force, friction torque, friction coefficient, test time and other parameters in real time, and can record the friction coefficient-time curve during the test. The product results in line with GB/T124444.2-90 metal wear test method-MM type wear test; GB/T3960-83 plastic sliding friction coefficient test method.

ML-100 type abrasive wear tester

This machine is suitable for the wear resistance test of metal materials under the condition of ore, sand, sediment and other solids. Through the test, the wear resistance of various metal materials is obtained, and the mechanism of abrasive wear is studied.

M-2000 type wear testing machine

The testing machine can do a variety of metal materials and non-metallic materials (nylon, plastic) in the sliding friction, rolling friction, sliding, rolling friction and intermittent contact friction under various conditions of wear resistance test.

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