Classification of centrifugal balancing machines and their respective characteristics

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The driving modes of the centrifugal balancing machine to drag the rotor are ring belt drag, coupling drag and self-drive. What are the characteristics of balancing machines?

1. Self-drive: Use the power of the rotor to rotate. The self-driving force has little effect on the drag accuracy, and its balance accuracy can reach a great deal, but this kind of drag is only suitable for special rotors that are allowed by the structure.

2. Ring belt drag: rubber ring belt or silk woven ring belt is used to drag the rotor with motor pulley. Therefore, the ring belt drag requires that the surface of the rotor must have a smooth cylindrical surface. The advantage of the ring belt is that it does not affect the unbalance of the rotor., High balance accuracy. Coupling drag: the use of universal joints to connect the spindle and rotor together.

Its characteristic is that it is suitable for irregular rotors, can transmit large torque, and is suitable for dragging rotors with large wind resistance such as fans. The disadvantage of coupling drag is that the unbalance of the coupling itself will affect the rotor. At the same time, a large amount of wind resistance will be introduced to affect the accuracy of the rotor.

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