How is the rotation mode and main performance of the balancing machine

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The transmission mode of the balancing machine: the transmission mode of the drag rotor is belt traction, coupling drag and self-drive. Drag the rotor with the motor pulley, and drag with a rubber band or braided ring belt. It is therefore necessary to tow the rotor surface with a smooth cylinder. The advantage of towing is that it does not affect the straightness and balance accuracy of the rotor. Coupling drag is the main shaft and rotor that connects the balancing machine with the universal joint.

The special-shaped rotor can transmit large torque and is suitable for rotors with large wind resistance, such as fans. The disadvantage is that the uneven measurement of the coupling will affect the rotor (so it must be balanced before use), and the interference factors will also affect the balance accuracy. The different types of rotors require the manufacture of a large number of connecting plates. Automation means using the power of the rotor itself to rotate. The self-driving mode has little influence on the balance accuracy and high balance accuracy, but it is only suitable for the special rotor driving mode allowed by the structure. The main performance index of the dynamic balancing machine is to measure the reduction ratio of the dynamic balancing machine with a small residual roughness. The former uses the balance function to measure the smaller value of the residual roughness of the rotor, the latter uses the small value measured by the higher balance capacity of the balancing machine, and the latter uses the corrected roughness measurement.


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