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When we use the balancing machine, we must do its daily finishing work, so as to extend its service life to a certain extent, thereby reducing the incidence of problems. Therefore, the daily finishing of the balancing machine is often necessary, so how to organize the balancing machine daily?

The balancing machine should insist on cleaning the appearance of the connecting part, carefully check before operation, add oil, and keep it smooth and protruding during operation. Before each shift, add an appropriate amount of engine oil to a smooth place and clean and change the oil once a year. The locking organization should be able to lock the swing frame reliably. When released, the swing part should be completely disengaged. The swing frame is only released during measurement, and should be locked at other times. When locking, the wheel carrier should not move.

Do not attach iron filings and dust to the support block or roller surface. Before each operation, remove the support blocks or rollers and rotor journals and add a small amount of smoothing oil. The support frame of the mobile balancing machine shall roll the rotor together or move the left and right support frames at the same speed to avoid scratches and abrasion on the surface of the journal and roller. The rotor shall not be hit or touched on the roller frame.

The surface of the guide rail should be clean and often oiled to prevent rust. The lens glass of the optical head should often use mirror paper or mirror cloth to wipe the appearance of the lens, so as to adhere to clean, do not use oil gauze or dirty cloth to wipe the mirror. It is not suitable to place the balance parts for a long time during non-operation. The electrical box should be kept clean to avoid moisture. When an abnormality is found during use and cannot be handled, the power supply should be intercepted in time and the maintenance team should be notified.


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