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It is in the rotating state of the rotor, according to the rotor imbalance generated by the support vibration, or the amount of vibration acting on the support to measure the imbalance. According to the number of balancing machines, it can be divided into single-sided balancing machines and double-sided balancing machines. The single-sided balancing machine can only measure the unbalance of one plane (static unbalance). Although it is measured when the rotor is rotating, it is still a static balancing machine. The two-sided balance function is to measure the dynamic imbalance, and it can also measure the dynamic imbalance and the even imbalance, usually called the balance machine.

According to the different characteristics of its support, centrifugal balancing machine can be divided into soft balancing machine and hard balancing machine. The balance speed of the rotor single support system is higher than its natural frequency is called soft support balancing machine. The rigidity of the balance seat is small, and the signal detected by the sensor is proportional to the vibration displacement of the support. The balancing device whose balancing speed of the rotor support system is less than the natural frequency of the support system is called a hard support balancing machine. It has a large support stiffness, and the signal detected by the sensor is proportional to the vibration of the support.

The main performance indicators of the balancing machine are two comprehensive indicators: a small amount of residual unevenness and an imbalance reduction rate. The former method is a measure of the balance mechanism to the rotor to achieve a very small amount of residual unevenness, it is a measure of the balance of the machine's high balance of the index.

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