How is the balance machine mainframe maintained?

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Balancing machine point detection is to detect the unbalance of rotating products, such as rotors, shafts, blades, etc., through certain technical means, and then through artificial dry-deweighting-deweighting methods, and then converted into electrical pulse signals, The remaining unbalance meets the requirements. The balancing machine weight method is mainly used for single-sided and low-speed dynamic balancing.

In short, as long as it is a rotating object, there is balance and imbalance. Under the action of centrifugal force, if the rotating object reaches the inevitable balance, then this method has a long downtime, no phase sensor is needed during measurement, and the cost of the inspection system is low. Generally speaking, the orientation is arbitrary, but our correction operation is carried out after the dynamic balance test.

Often have to go through many times of inspection and correction, so that the mass distribution of the rotating object is uniform, and under the action of this uniform force, no oscillation will occur, in other words, in the case of imbalance, there will be oscillation. At this time, it is necessary to artificially dry and control the oscillation within the allowable small planning, so that the vibration is controlled within the allowable small range.

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